Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Valentines Day

Friday, February 15, 2008

I've been tagged...

What I was doing ten years ago- I was 13 years old, in the 7th grade at Olympus Junior High School, and loving life. In 7th grade most people didn't like the transition from Elementary to Junior High, but I was an exception cause I absolutely loved it. I was playing soccer, taking dance at Mascarade Dance Studio, and hanging out with my friends of course cause that was the most important thing to do in Junior High, right?!
What I was doing five years ago- I was going to school at Salt Lake Community College,on SLCC cheer squad as a Songleader, and still loving life! GO BRUINS!! I had started working at the office of D Russell as a dental assistant.
What I was doing one year ago- Attending Cameo College to obtain a license as an Aesthetician, working at Star 21 Salon doing Electrolysis, I think I was still working at D Russell's office but I can't really remember cause I had quit and come back a few times, and I was dating the love of my life. Devin and I had started dating 4 months ago and I was enjoying every minute we spent together. Cheesy I know, but I really did and still do!
What I was doing yesterday- Let' s see... Spending the whole day with my Sweetheart cause it was Valentine's Day. Took Devin to get a massage at the Biltmore Resort, shopping at LAST CHANCE my favorite store, dinner at Houstons, and then played like old people and sat around and watched tv while eating Cold Stone yum yum!
I enjoy- Spending time with the LOve of my LIfe, laying out by the pool in beautiful 80 degree weather, wearing my Ugg slippers, how i feel after a really good workout, spending time with my family, watching Gray's Anatomy (when it's on that is), waking up next to devin, a nice relaxing facial or massage, shopping, reading and studying "Preach my Gospel" manual, cuddling up next to Devin's warm body when I'm freezing cold, Dreyer's fruit popsicles, chocolate chocolate chocolate, reading the "Twilight" series, spending time with tank and nala, and just sitting around watching tv with Devin.
Five things I would do if I had a million dollars- Invest it wisely, start a charity, share with family, start a college fund for my future children, and of course SHOP!
Five places I would love to run away to- UTAH! Ha Ha just kidding. I'm loving it here in Arizona, but I do love living in Utah and want to raise my family there for sure.
Five TV shows I love- Only Five!Prison Break, Gray's Anatomy, Biggest Loser, Celebrity Apprentise, American Idol, Make me a Super model, Project Runway, Making the Band, and Road Rules/Real World Challenge. That is so sad that I watch that many shows. Maybe I should give up watching the tube and trade it in for reading a book!
Five things I hate- Being home alone at night, watching Scary movies, Haunted Houses, the smell of Devin's farts(sorry babe), when my house isn't clean, and hot dogs.
Five biggest joys of my life- Devin, mine and devin's family,tank and nala(our beautiful dogs), going to the temple, and of course chocolate.

I TAG Jamie, Anjuli, Danielle

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Grrr! We got a flat tire right out of Cedar City and we had to stay over night in Las Vegas to get it fixed.

That's my babe puttin out the vibe!

We finally made it into Arizona

Our home for the next 3 months in Phoenix, Arizona