Sunday, September 20, 2009

Family Pics

Lindsey Wright is the BEST! Thank you so much for putting up with Tate that day, I have no idea what his deal was. Your seriously the greatest Linds, We cant wait to see the rest!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Any Ideas on what to feed a 9 mnth old?

I need some major HELP!! I am finding myself alittle frusterated and out of ideas on what to feed Tate. I am still feeding him baby food and trying to introduce "real" food. I need ideas on what to feed him for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I would greatly appreciate any ideas and suggestions. This whole food thing is definitely alot harder then I thought.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Annual Rice Family get together

Last Saturday we had our Annual Rice family get together up at the McQueen's cabin just past Oakely. Craig and Ann are so nice to open their cabin to our WHOLE family once a year. We all look so forward to getting together for lots of chatting, a delicious dinner, and motorcycle riding. It was so weird for me to think that just last year at this time Tate was still cooking in my belly and now a year later he was crawling all over the place with all his buddies, time sure does fly by. It's sad that it has already come and gone, but I look forward to next year for sure!!

Tate's first four wheeler ride, he didn't want to get off. His arms couldn't stop flapping from excitment the whole ride. Like father like son!

One of my favorite pics of the night. Notice Tate's sweatshirt, GO UTES!!

Beautiful Green girls minus Kelley and Danielle. Oh yeah and one darling boy, Tate

Up Up and Away. Tate loved the swing. He couldn't get enough of it and got mad at us when we took him off. I'm sure he felt like such a "Big boy"

The younger generation of grandkids and greatgrandkids

Tate's first time sitting on a motorcycle. His daddy was so proud.

Our little family. It is so weird to think that Tate was in my belly last year and now look how big he is.

The little kiddos. They are all about a month apart.

Green Family Picture- it is so much fun to see how much we have changed and grown from year to year.

Tate and his Daddy