Tuesday, January 27, 2009

2 Months Old

Today, January 27 2009, Tate is 2 months old. I can't believe how fast the past two months have flown by. I truely am having the best time of my life spending all day with our sweet little boy. I had no idea how much fun motherhood would be and how quickly those motherly instincts really do kick in, thank heavens! I have loved watching him grow and change every day. Things that Tate is doing... sleeping at least 5 hours every night, making eye contact, getting cute rolls on his legs, nibbling on his hands every once in awhile when he can't find his binki, likes the camera but not so fond of the video camera, smiles all the time, talks baby talk with me all day long, and loves to watch the tv. We feel so blessed to have this beautiful and healthy boy in our lives and look forward to the growth and progress that he will make.
Tate and I had so much fun today doing our own mini photo shoot. I wish I had a better camera to take more "professional" pictures. Hopefully some day I'll get one!