Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Angry Eyes

Tate's new thing to do

Those angry eyes are always followed by a smile!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Birthdays, Jazz game, more babies, and Tate's new favorite toy

On the first sunday of this month my mom had us all over for sunday dinner to celebrate my nephew and nieces Birthday's. I love getting together with my family, we alwasys have so much fun together. Thanks so much mom for all you do and for all the yummy dinners each Sunday!!

Birthday Girl

Birthday Boy

Get ready josh this will, literally, be you soon!

Tate and Aunt Kenzi

"Best Cousins"

This coming May and June there will be two new additions to my side of the family. My brother Josh and his wife Danielle announced that they are pregnant and My brother Jeramy and his wife Kelley announced that they are pregnant. We are so excited for them, but sad that they will not be able to go on The Rice Family Cruise in May. (Josh and Danielle's little girl wore this adorable shirt to announce their new addition.)

We love going to the Jazz games and are very fortunate to go as much as we do, Thanks to Devin's parents. This last week we were able to invite my parents and my brother and his son. It was so much fun to have them all there. Thanks Joe and Melinda for all the tickets.

Like Father like son

My brother and his son

My amazing parents

All tuckered out

Of all the toys he has I don't know why he chooses my rolling pin as his favorite. That thing is so heavy I don't see how he crawls around with it all over the house. I think Santa is debating if he should bring Tate any toys this year for Christmas cause he seems so amazed with all the things in the kitchen cupboards.