Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween 2009

On Monday night we started our week off with a Halloween party at the Johnson's. We always look so forward to this party where we can dress up in costumes and get together for family time and fun games with Devin's cousins. Thanks Melinda and Joe for having us over every year and make the night so much fun!

Tate, happy and ready to start off our Halloween Festivities

Devin was such a sport this year to dress up. He decided on our costumes this year and I have to say that I really liked the way they turned out. Devin as Mr. Incredible, Me as Mrs. Icredible, and Tate as Jack Jack.

Devin's Family: Joe and Melinda as Cowboy and Cowgirl, Lindsey as a clown, Derek and Nicole as a Cheerleader and a fat basketball player, and Our fam as The Incredibles

Devin's cousin and her husband as Pirates

Devin's cousin and his wife as jail mate and Sexy Police officer

Decorating Sugar cookies, yum!

Enjoying the games as much as he can

The day before Halloween this year my aunt Leslie had her Annual Halloween Party. Usually this party takes place on Halloween night, but due to the Utah football game being on Halloween night she moved it. We always have so much fun watching everyone show up with their very creative costumes, eating delicious food, and socializing with friends and family. Here are some of the Costumes of the Night.

Our little family as The INcredibles

Best Costume of the night was my little sister and her boyfriend as Dog the bounty hunter and his wife Beth

My brother as who knows what

My cousin's as Willy Wonka, Oompa Loompa, and a Flapper Girl

My niece as a Pink Lady

My niece as a Rag Doll

My cousin's as OLYMPUS Cheerleader and Football player. Love the wig Ellie

My uncle Stan as who knows what

My niece as Bell in Christmas

My cousin and his wife as Tiger Woods and his caddy

Tate and his favorite cousin as a really cute flower

As many of the little kiddos we could get in the picture

Most of the Adults in Costume

After attending my side of the family's Party we headed over to our friends Halloween Party. We were late so we didn't get to see everyone in costumes so I didn't get any pictures but the one below of Devin with Tate and cute Preston. It looks like Devin is holding twins, right?! Thanks Heather and MOrgan for putting it all together can't wait for next year!!

Enjoying a little football on Halloween night

Mesmerized by Utah football

All tuckered out from a week of Halloween fun

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Our Anniversary Trip

Last week Devin and I left Tate with Grandma and Grandpa Johnson and took off to Viva Las Vegas to celebrate our 2 year wedding anniversary. It was so much fun to layout by the pool, read a book, sleep in, workout on my own time, enjoy a dinner with just the two of us, go to a movie, shop at all my favorite stores that aren't in SLC, and just spend some quality time with the most amazing man in the world. I only took 3 pictures of our whole weekend together, but I am glad I was able to capture our night at Serendipity 3. I have always wanted to go to Serendipity in New York, but since I haven't been able to get there yet I went in Vegas. Thanks love for planning such a fun Anniversary Trip.

$15 Hot fudge Sundae's at Serendipity 3. I know that is way expensive for some ice cream, chocolate fudge, caramel sause, bananas, and nuts. But it was all worth it!!

P.s. thanks to all those who helped out with Tate while we were gone, you know who you are. We couldn't have gone without your help!

Monday, October 19, 2009

A determined little boy

Tonight while we were watching tv Tate was determined to get to the stairs, that we had blocked off with chairs, this is how I found him when I went looking for him. I hope this determination follows Tate for the rest of his life. I sure do love my little guy!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

October FHE

I love this time of year and I love when my family gets together for our October FHE. We always have a blast together, eating a delicious dinner made with love by my mom, carving pumpkins, decorating sugar cookies, and just chatting away. Man I love this time of year!!

Our cute little Taters posing with the pumpkins on Mimi's porch

Pumpkin Carving

Finished product, good job everyone all the pumpkins look great

Devin's wonderful artwork on our darling pumpkins

Cookie Decorating Yum Yum

Saturday, October 10, 2009


For the past couple months my brothers, cousins, and husband have been playing softball every Thursday night together at the Cottonwood complex in Holladay. Their last game was this past Thursday and they went out with a bang. It has been so much fun getting together with everyone on thursday nights to watch these WOWZER CATS show us their softball skills. I hope to see the Wowzer cats reunite next year!!

Top row: Joey, Chris, Lance, Jeramy, Devin
Bottom row: Tyler, Jameson, Mike, Spencer, Nick, Josh