Friday, August 28, 2009

Better Late Then Never!

Like I said in the Title of this post, Better late then never! We were able to go to Lake Powell with Dev's Family at the end of July and we had a BLAST! It was definitely different with a little one to take care of and we ran into a couple bumps, but over all it was fun. Tate did great on the ride there and back he was quite the trooper. The first two days we were there Tate was in some pain from teething, but we took care of that with a little children's tylenol. Tate had a bad case of diarreha and had his worst blowouts to date. It's a good thing we were right on a big bathtub, right!! He didn't want anything to do with his baby food only bottles and I think he was afraid of missing out on all the action cause his nap schedule was shot. Despite these little bumps we had a great time and were able to experience many "Firsts" with Tate. For Devin and I it was fun to be back on the water again. Devin hasn't been to Lake Powell for like 5 years and last year all I was able to do was ride in the boat cause I was prego with Tate. We were alittle rusty when it came to Tubing, wakeboarding, and surfing. But had a great time and can't wait for next year. Thanks Joe and Melinda for a wonderful trip!
Diaper Blowout = a dip in the water

First swim in Powell


Can't get enough of his Life jacket

Bubble blowing contest with aunt Nicole, I think Tate won!!

Tate loves loves the water

Just enjoying the scenery

Our little stud

The Girls Me, Nicole, and Kelsy

Granny and Grampa's with their adorable Great gandkids

Rainbow Bridge

Aye Aye Captain

Best Friends

Showing off my skills on the wakeboard, yeah right, I'm lucky if I get up!!

Dev reuniting with the surfboard after about 5 years

Tate's first jet ski ride

Enjoying the ride with Grandpa

Dev's "Big Catch"

Tate's first time to the Sand Hill with his Uncle Derek, Daddy, and Grandpa Joe