Monday, June 28, 2010

Rice Family Cruise 2010

We just got back from the Big Rice Family Cruise 2010. We were on Royal Caribbean's Liberty of the Seas and it was a beautiful ship full of so many fun things to do and lots of delicious things to eat. Our 3 ports were St. Maarten, Puerto Rico ( which I didn't take one picture of), and Labadee Haiti. We had a total of 44 people go and were really sad to leave a lot behind. Dev and I had such a fun time, but we missed little Tater's a bunch. He was in good hands with Grandma and Grandpa J. We recieved emails from him, written by Grandma, every other day and seeing the pictures they sent really helped to comfort us. Thank you Grandma and Grandpa J Derek and Nicole for watching out for Tate and Tobi while we were gone. We really do appreciate it cause it isn't an easy thing to do. And thank you Nana, Joey, and Ren Rice Family for making it all happen. We hope that another cruise or Rice family vaca is in the works some time soon!!

Just arriving in Miami and ready for some dinner


Dev, Me, RJ, and Madi

On our way to the cruise ship. So excited!!

Our cabin

Dev so tired!

Mom and Dad

Bret and Mckenzi. Ironically Mckenzi is wearing a blue shirt and Bret is wearing red, weird! Bret's luggage never made it on to the ship. The poor guy was lucky to have packed two swim suits, a golf shirt, kaki pants, and an extra pair of garments in his carryon bag. He was given $50 everyday without his luggage from Delta so he was able to buy some great Quicksilver stuff from one of the stores on the ship and he got unlimited drycleaning and he was able to rent a tux for free for both formal nights. Royal Caribbean treated him great. He was such a trooper! am just happy it was you Bret and not me!

Dad and I

Mom, Mckenzi, and I

The whole Rice Family wearing our cruise t-shirts loud and proud. Thanks Brit!

Applause for the best Cruise Director in History! We love you Joey!

The first street dance party of the cruise.

Dev getting some cool air through his cast, poor guy!!

Jenny, Me, Kenzi on our first formal night

Nana with most of her Granddaughters

Many of the fun Activities that took place while on the Liberty of the Seas

Wowzer Cats playing some volleyball

Air Lance

Air Dev

Air Zach

Chels on the rock wall

Our dodgeball champions

The love of my life with his long hair and bandana

Mckenzi, Jenny, and I


Our "layout spot" on the front of the boat

Me, Madi, Megan, and Jenny

Jenny and Zach

kenzi and Bret

Team Wowzer Cats vs. the Crew

Flowrider group #1

Lauren and Rj



Mitch and Sabrina

Taylor and Joey

Taylor and Ellie

Flowrider group #2

Bret and Mckenzi the Newlyweds

Meg and Ty going in for the kiss


If your happy and you know it clap your hands!


Mike and Dev battling it out

Dev couldn't surf cause of his cast. He was lucky he was able to do boogie board cause one of the instructors didn't want him to.


The only picture I took of the Green Family, minus Jeramy Kelley Josh and Danielle cause they weren't able to leave their little newborns at home and join us on the cruise.

The Buzzin cousins

St. Maarten was our first stop. We jumped in a van that took us to Airplane Beach, a market place on the french side, a souvenir shop on the Dutch side, and then dropped us off in the small town next to the ship. It was a fun and eventful day.

Airplane Beach. When they say you can throw a rock up in the air and hit a bottom of a plane they aren't joking. That is seriously how close you are to them. Unfortunately we didn't stay long enough to watch any BIG planes come in but we were able to see a handful of smaller planes and it was still nuts. You don't believe it until you actually see it!

Poor Dev and his giant rubber glove to cover his cast!

The whole fam dambly. There were 44 of us and we left a lot at home.

Piano Man. Loved the tux Bret

All the married cousins. We were missing quite a few from our family that weren't able to come on the cruise.

Watching the Lakers vs. Celtics last game. Too bad Celtics couldn't pull it off cause all the Lakers fans were so annoying.

Jenny and Dev couldn't get enough of their Diet Coke

Our ship, Liberty of the Seas

Our last stop, Labadee, Haiti. It is a little portion of Haiti that is owned by Royal Caribbean. They have the worlds longest zipline, a rollercoaster like up in Park City, Jet Skies you can rent, Parasailing, Water toys like slides and tramps, and a beautiful beach to layout on.

A little gift for our amazing cruise director

Our last night