Thursday, August 5, 2010

Baby #2 due February 6 2011

Yep that's right I am prego. We couldn't be more excited and I can personally say that I am super excited to be pregnant this time around. Right now I am 13 1/2 weeks along and not feeling as sick as I was just a couple weeks ago so hopefully I am in the clear, but I still feel tired all the time! I do have to admit, but as much as I hate feeling sick I do like it at the same time cause then I am reassured that there is a baby still growing in there! Call me paranoid from our miscarriage! Devin and I are anxious to find out the gender of our baby so we are thinking of going to Fetal Image in Southtowne mall next week. Devin is really hoping for a girl and I am on the fence. I would love a girl cause who doesn't want one, but then I really want a boy so Tate can have a buddy to play with and we have all the boy stuff we need. In all seriousness I just want a healthy baby and pregnancy! We will keep you updated.

He acts like he is nervous, but little do you all know that he has been begging me to get pregnant for the past year!


Stacy said...

Congrats!! Glad you are feeling better! That first trimester is rough!!

Jason and Tawni said...

Yay for you guys!!! I am glad you are starting to feel better. That first trimester sucks bad. I can't wait to hear what you guys are having, go to Fetal Photos so we don't have to wait!


Luke and Ali Stewart said...

Kaci- I had a miscarriage on my first pregnancy so I know the feeling! Hope all is well. Your little guy is so stinkin cute so this next one is bound to be a cutie too!