Monday, August 16, 2010

The first official haircut

Tate got his first official haircut last Thursday at Cookie Cutter by Mckenzi. I was so impressed by Cookie Cutter. You do pay a lot for a kids haircut but it, to me, is worth every penny. Tate's stylist did an awesome job. He was a pill at first he didn't want anything to do with the airplane he was sitting in or the movie we put on for him. The minute Mckenzi tried to put the cape around his neck he started to freak out. After about 2 minutes we gave him a sucker and he became the sweet little boy that he always is and we were able to finish the haircut in peace. I don't know how those hairstylists do it with a child crying, moving, and pushing at their hands. But they manage to get the job done and do a great job. Thanks Mckenzi! I don't know what took me so long to cut his combover hairstyle from before cause I absolutely love it now. He is such a stud!!

The finished product

Tate did an awesome job!

And Mckenzi was right, they cry at the beginning cause they don't want their hair touched and they cry when it's time to go cause they don't want to leave. Tate did just that!!


The Theler's said...

Im glad you went to Mckenzi. She just cut lexi hair last week too. SHe is awesome. Tate looks so dang cute.

Devrie Pettit said...

Love that place! Tyler gets so mad at me when I go because he thinks its a waste of money. But, I agree with you...its worth every penny!