Monday, August 16, 2010

What an Adventure...

To say the least of our fun day riding Trax downtown to play in the fountains. Last Friday Danielle, Mckenzi, and I decided it would be so much fun to take all the kids on Trax to Gateway mall to play in the fountains. Well the trip started off a little rocky with not knowing what tickets to purchase and holding up the train with trying to get our jogger strollers on board. We had a couple mishaps throughout the day like Tate thinking he can look directly in the hole where the water comes shooting out and it shoots right up at him and I swear almost blinds him so after that he didn't want anything to do with the fountains, then thinking our jogger strollers can fit on the escalator but gets stuck and one of the kids is now on the escalator all my herself not knowing what to do, trying to get all the kiddos lunch at the Mcdonald's in the food court while there are a million kids running around screaming and scary homeless people eating too, last but not least getting back on Trax forming an assembly line with the strollers to get them up and on board and I being a little forgetful and leaving one stroller to almost roll away! Despite all our mishaps we had such a fun time and it definitely made for a lot of fun memories!! Thanks Dani and Kenzi for joining me in this fun adventure, but I think next time we will just take our own cars down to the Gateway!!

I think he is in awe over Trax

This is how Tate says "cheese"

The fountains at the Gateway

Getting the courage to go


Rachel said...

i. love. his. hair. stud muffin is right, but now he looks all grown up!

The Green's said...

Loooved the adventure!!! Memories are what really matter right!!! Cute pics of Taters and I do love his hair cut.